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A commonly accepted recommendation for water lawns is one inch of water a week. The estimate is an annual average based on the water needs of your landscaping. Summers in Los Banos tend to be dry, hot, and long with a minimum of rainfall. That means it is probable that your lawn may need more water than the recommendation during the summer months and less during the fall and spring when the weather cools and rainfall increases. The key to delivering proper water levels is to measure and adjust frequently the amount of water throughout the growing season as plant needs and weather impact water demands. At Central Valley Lawnscapes Construction & Maintenance Inc., our team of specialists can help you measure how much water your sprinklers use.

Simple Steps to Measure Your Sprinkler’s Water Usage

It’s becoming increasingly crucial to determine how much water you need to deliver to your landscaping as well as the cost. While the amount of water required varies depending on the weather and the time of year, the general rule of thumb is one inch of water weekly during dry situations. Follow these four simple steps to measure the water your sprinkler system uses:

  1. Gauge the usage. Place watering gauges at two different locations within range of the spray of the sprinklers. Allow the sprinkler systems to operate for 15 minutes and the water to collect in the gauges.
  2. Measure the water collected. Determine the average amount of water, in inches, that each gauge collects. Add the amounts together and divide in half. The result is a good guideline for the average volume of water that your sprinkler system delivers in 15 minutes. You can repeat steps one and two at different times. To ensure accuracy, vary the spacing of the gauges from your sprinkler.
  3. Establish time necessary to water one inch. To determine how much time is necessary for you to deliver one inch of water to your lawn, locate the average measurement you calculated from your 15-minute sprinkler test from the list below.
    • o One-eighth inch = 120 minutes
    • o One-quarter inch = 60 minutes
    • o One-half inch = 30 minutes
    • o Three-quarter inch = 20 minutes
    • o One-inch = 15 minutes
  4. Set your base schedule. If your gauges have an average of half an inch of water in them after 15 minutes, you will have to run your sprinkler system for a total of 30 minutes per week to obtain the recommended one inch of water. Also, we recommend watering either before 10 a.m. or after 6. p.m. twice a week when temperatures are cooler.

If your sprinkler system is automatic, program your base schedule into the sprinkler’s controller. This will allow you to fine-tune the system’s settings for efficient watering of your landscape. Another ideal method for preventing overwatering installing soil moisture or rain sensors that override the automatic watering system as necessary.

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